5 Ways to Have Game Day Fun with Your Dog

5 Ways to Have Game Day Fun with Your Dog

From tailgating to dog jerseys, you’ll find everything you need to score a touchdown in the best friend zone with these tips from Pup-Peroni®.

Break out the jerseys and block off your Sundays—football season is here again! And who better to help you cheer on your team than your best friend in the world? But even the smartest pup might not understand what’s so exciting about all those guys running around in the picture box. Rather than sitting them down to explain what a first down and a two-point conversion are, use these dog-friendly tips to get your dog just as pumped for game day as you are.

#1 Get ‘Em a Football

A regular football tends to be too big and awkward for most dogs to carry comfortably in their mouths. But you can probably still get a good spiral on a football dog toy. This calls for a trip to the pet store!

In the dog toy aisle, look for a football-shaped toy that’s the right size for your dog to enjoy. Then, just pick a toy based on your dog’s favorite way to play. Choose a plush football toy if your dog likes to carry around and cuddle soft objects. Choose a sturdier, more rubbery material if your dog likes to chew. Something light and easy to throw would be ideal for a pre-game fetch session. A squeaky football dog toy would be perfect for a pup who’s highly reactive to sounds—but you might want to snag it from them once the game starts. You could even bring out your dog’s new toy exclusively on game days to make it feel extra-special.

#2 Gear Up

Help your dog show his team spirit by dressing them in your team’s gear. You can buy dog jerseys decked out with your team’s colors, mascots and other logos. If you’re feeling really crafty, you could even make your own dog jersey. There are also dog football bandanas for dogs who aren’t comfortable wearing full shirts or sweaters.

#3 Invite Your Friends’ Best Friends

Having a game day watch party? Tell your friends and family members to bring their dogs along. Your dog will love getting to hang out with their fellow four-legged sports fans. Make sure to have plenty of dog-friendly snacks and toys handy to keep your furry guests entertained and away from the people food.

#4 Take ‘Em Tailgating

Tailgating with your dog would be a great BFF adventure if your dog loves car rides and being in the center of the action. Just make sure that the venue is dog-friendly before leaving—it would be a real bummer to have to turn around the moment you arrive because there’s no dogs allowed!

When packing for a tailgate, be sure to bring enough food for your dog to eat. And because a game day meal isn’t complete without a game day treat, remember to pack some Pup-Peroni® soft dog treats. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water as well, especially if it’s a hot day or you’ll be spending your time in direct sunlight. It might also be a good idea to bring your dog’s crate along so they can have some quiet alone time if things get a bit overwhelming. Finally, keep your dog leashed so they don’t run off or get into a tussle with a dog that may not be as well socialized—or a fan of the other team.

#5 Stock Up on Game Day Treats

If you get too caught up in the endzone, you might be penalized in the best friend zone. And if new toys and dog jerseys aren’t helping you keep ahold of bestie status with your dog, it’s time to break out the Pup-Peroni® soft dog treats. Original Beef Flavor treats have a mouthwatering aroma that’ll get your dog’s attention quicker than a touchdown. Or snag a field goal’s worth of bestie points with Triple Steak Flavor treats, which combine the flavors of ribeye, top sirloin and New York strip steak into one meaty dog snack your pup will drool for. Now, go have some game day fun with your BFF—and keep the treats close at hand!

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