How To Choose Adopting from Shelter vs Breeder

How To Choose Adopting from Shelter vs Breeder

Adopting a dog involves many questions. The first one? Shelter vs breeder. If you can't decide between a shelter vs breeder dog, here are some tips for choosing.

Adding a new pet to your pack is cause for celebration. If you’re in the market for a new furry friend and can’t decide between adopting from a shelter or a breeder, here are some tips for weighing your options.

Shelters save lives

Animal shelters rescue animals from cases of neglect, feral lives or situations where they are unwanted and help them find a new forever home. Adopting from these places can help give animals a second chance at a great life.

Breeders know history

Breeders often pay close attention to the bloodlines and family history of every animal they take care of. Adopting a pet from a breeder can mean that you have access to your furry friend’s medical and family history going many years back. This info, on top of being really interesting, can help you determine how to give your pet the best care possible.

Shelters mix it up

Mixed-breed animals can be the best of both worlds. Since shelters take in animals from lots of different places, they are more likely to have some cute hybrid breeds on hand. These mutts have great traits from many different breeds and are often unstoppable combos of cuteness!

Breeders offer specificity

Are you looking for a companion with a specific set of skills determined by breed? Breeders focus on cultivating unique traits of certain animals, so if you have a particular kind of skill set in mind, a breeder can help make a perfect match.

A friend is a friend

Wherever you meet your furry friend — be it a breeder, a shelter or a magical puppy tree (those exist, right?) — giving an animal a good life is an admirable thing to do. If you do your best to provide your pets with a happy, healthy life, it really doesn’t matter where they come from.

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