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Soft Dog Treats for Older Dogs Photo Soft Dog Treats for Older Dogs

Sometimes old dogs can’t chomp a treat like they used to. Learn about soft dog treats for senior dogs and shop all Pup-Peroni® flavors today.

5 Ways to Have Game Day Fun with Your Dog Photo 5 Ways to Have Game Day Fun with Your Dog

From tailgating to dog jerseys, you’ll find everything you need to score a touchdown in the best friend zone with these tips from Pup-Peroni®.

Dalmatian giving owner a high five Photo How to Teach Your Dog to High Five

Ever wish your best buddy could help you celebrate with a high five? Turns out he can! Teach your dog to high five you with these high five dog training tips.

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owner training dog to not bark Photo How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Barking?

Unwanted dog barking is one of the most common and difficult dog behaviors to change. Read a few things you can try to stop a dog from barking.

common dog toxins Photo Are These 8 Common Dog Toxins in Your Home?

Spring is here, but with it comes some things you didn't are harmful to your dog. Read to find out the eight common pet toxins that might be in your home.

adopting a dog from a shelter Photo How To Choose Adopting from Shelter vs Breeder

Adopting a dog involves many questions. The first one? Shelter vs breeder. If you can't decide between a shelter vs breeder dog, here are some tips for choosing.